­čÄČ Introduction to the Holarchy

When logged in Holaspirit, you will discover the holarchy of your organization.

A Holarchy represents a hierarchy of self-regulated holons, a holon being here a unit of the organization functioning both as a whole and as a part of this organization.

The Holarchy is an alternative representation to the traditional pyramid representation of organization highlighting the bond of subordination between people. Here, the entire organization is designed to function towards its purpose. The design of the organization in circles and roles responds to a challenge of complexity: each circle participates in part of the realization of the purpose of the organization, itself seeing itself divided into as many sub-circles and roles . The holarchy is the model that describes the living.

Your organization displays more or less circles and roles depending on its complexity.

The different colored circles each mean something:

  • BLUE = Assigned Roles
  • PURPLE = Assigned Core Roles
  • WHITE = Unassigned Roles (whether Core Roles or not)

Note: the size of the circle depends on the role's position in the hierarchy and the number of roles it contains.

Navigate in your organization

Click anywhere inside a circle (but not directly on a role) to zoom in and out of your holarchy.

To display the details of a circle or a role, simply move your mouse over the circle or role name and click on it. The information will slide out from the side. There are multiple actions you can take by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right corner. To return to the holarchy view, just click the "X" in the top-right corner.

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