What if there’s a way to delegate authority to make decisions without having to go through layers of hierarchy? What if there’s clarity over who does what, and who has the authority to make which decisions? Let us introduce you to a role based organisation, where work is not divided over job titles but work is captured in roles that together form circles of teams.

A role based organization chart

Your organization is now structured in interdependent and self-organizing circles on Holaspirit. The Role-based organization is an alternative representation to the traditional pyramid representation of organizations relying on subordination between people. Traditional organizations are defined by rigid hierarchy and a strict chain of command through which decisions and information is passed from the top to bottom.

Unlike role-based organization, where decision-making is distributed throughout a set of self-organizing teams. These teams operate on their own individually but also as part of the bigger whole and work together to achieve the organization's purpose.

The work is no longer divided between people but between roles with inspiring purpose and clear accountabilities so that every member of the organization has a clear picture about who is responsible for what and who has the authority to decide.

Organizing as such hands people autonomy over work and empowers them to collectively shape the organization. The basic goal with this role-based structure is to allow for distributed decision making while giving everyone the opportunity to work on what they do best.

The home page Chart gives you a new structure of your organization based on roles and circles. Your organization displays more or less circles and roles depending on its complexity.

  • A Role is blue when it's assigned to a member of the organization.

  • A Role is purple when it's a Core Roles

  • A Role is white when it's not yet assigned (whether Core Roles or not)

Note: the size of the circle depends on the role's position in the hierarchy and the number of roles it contains.

  • Click anywhere inside a circle (but not directly on a role) to zoom in and out of your Chart.

  • You can navigate to all the roles in it. It will help you identify "who does what" in a clear way! Making it easy to understand how things work. To show the details of a circle or a role, simply move your mouse over the circle or role name and click on it. The information will slide out from the side.

  • To return to the Chart view, just click the "X" in the top-right corner.

Quick tip: You can easily get your bearings with at the left-bottom of the screen!

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