Adding or importing an issue during a meeting

You can add or import issues or tensions during the Agenda round of a governance or tactical meeting by following these steps:

  • Enter a word or words in the Add more issues field and press enter or click the + icon
  • Additionally, you can import an already prepared tension. Click Import, select the tension(s) you wish to add to the meeting agenda, and click Import once more.

Note. The member's tension has to be "Ready". If the tension is still in a draft status, the secretary won't be able to see it.

  • If you are the secretary of the meeting, you can also import the tensions of the circle's members. Follow the above process, but click the Click tensions tab to select from the circle members' prepared tensions.

Editing an issue

The owner of an issue added to the agenda list, as well as the meeting secretary, can edit an issue to change the title, description, or member. This information is displayed in the meeting report. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click the Other Actions icon to the right of the agenda item
  • Click Edit issue
  • Change the title, description, or member as desired
  • Click Submit

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