To import a list of users, you will need to contact us at [email protected].

All users are required to have an email address. If a user of your file does not have an email address, they will be skipped during the import process. Now to import a list of users:

  1. Create a file (CSV, spreadsheet...) with your users listed in three columns: Last Name, First Name, and Email Address. If you'd like to import other custom fields to users, you can map those too in the file.

  2. Send the file to [email protected] with the name of your organization.

Note. Admins can connect the organization's directory to Holaspirit to provision the creation of users' account with SAML authentication.

Add a list of email address

It is possible to add a list of users.

  • Select Manage users in the Administration menu

  • Click Add members

  • Click Add a list of email address

  • Select the users's privilege

  • Copy/paste the list of users

  • Click Create member

The new user will be sent an email notification to complete the process.

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