We make small updates every day to correct bugs and improve functionalities on the platform. You can know more about the latest evolutions in our Release Note that we update with each new feature and improvement.

Get closer to user needs with a public roadmap

We believe that a solution that does not evolve is a solution that will die. At Holaspirit, we strive to listen to what our community and our customers say about our product, which makes it better and more suitable for many possible uses.

That's why we decided to publish our Public Roadmap so that everyone can be informed and have their say on the evolution of Holaspirit.

This roadmap is very important for us, thanks to it and to your contributions, we will prioritize the features according to your needs.

Each feature is represented by a Trello card and is classified in one of the 4 categories:

  • Ideas: the feature is interesting but not validated for the moment

  • Next: the development of the feature is planned in the next sprint

  • Doing (code): the development of the feature is in progress

  • Done: the feature has been delivered

Thus everyone can have a vision of the features that will soon be integrated into Holaspirit.

Access to the roadmap

It is very important for us to get as much feedback as possible about our users' needs. That's why we have given everyone the possibility to vote for the features they find interesting. So if we see that a feature is highly anticipated, it could be that its development becomes a priority.

Always in an open approach to the feedback of our users, we also want you to share your ideas for new features for Holaspirit. You can share them with us at [email protected].

We hope you will take the time to contribute to the advancement of Holaspirit through the roadmap!

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