There are four types or user accounts with different permission levels in Holaspirit: Members, Organization Admins, Inactive Members and Owner Member.

Administrators can manage invitations and add new members from the Administration menu.


A user is automatically assigned as a member upon joining the organization. Members have basic permissions to use Holaspirit.

  • A member can hold several roles in the organisation.
  • A member can access several organizations if he/she has been invited with the same email address.
  • According to the core role and assignment settings defined, a member can add and remove members within a circle, assign them to roles and define role's scope.

Some circle members are allowed to participate in the circle governance decision process and are referred to as core circle members.

  • A user is automatically considered as core member of a circle upon joining a circle (with or without being assigned to a role). These users can participate in the circle governance decision process, suggest changes for their roles, attend meetings and help with operations of the circle.
  • A user is a non-core member when he belongs to a circle without contributing to the gouvernance decisions. He/she cannot attend meetings and cannot take part in asynchronous governance decisions. It is the role in charge of assigning member who can decide whether a user will be considered as a non-core member.

Inactive member

An inactive member is a user that has a login to access the organization, although he/she does not need licences to connect.

  • He/she can be assigned to roles (except core roles)
  • He/she can only view the organization.
  • He/she cannot take part in circle's decisions, nor be assigned to operations (actions, projects, OKRs).

Note: Adding inactive members allows you to share your organization to people, including those who won't use holaspirit.


The administrator has advanced access on organization governance in Holaspirit. Administrators can:


 The owner of the organization is an administrator who can also : 

The owner of the organization is the user who creates the organization.

Edit a user

Administrators can edit a user's information and privilege after they've been created.

In the Administration section, go to the Manage users section:

  • Click on the 3 dots at the right side of the member you'd like to edit
  • Click on Edit member
  • Edit as desired the information of the user, his/her privilege on the platform
  • Click on Save


  • A Member cannot become an Inactive Member. Only an inactive member can be changed to a Member of the organization (providing that there are enough licences on the organization account).
  • Administrators cannot edit the user email, only the user can.

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