The Project module allows you to organize your projects in Kanban boards. The boards are organized in 4 columns: Future, Waiting, Current, Done.


Usually associated with Agile or Scrum management, Kanban boards allow teams to track the progress and identify problems. 


Each circle has its own board to organize projects and tasks, track progress and collaborate with other circle's members.


Projects are represented as cards that can be moved in the Kanban from one column to another. The cards include different information and options:

  • Labels to add a pop of color, categories, and clarity

  • Member(s) or role assigned

  • Due dates to stay on track for your Projects and Actions.

  • Todo list to breakdown important projects into smaller tasks

  • Attachments to link cards to documents or images to keep everything is organized in a single space

  • Comment cards to engage in a conversation and communicate updates in a more meaningful way. 

Adding a project 


Add a card from the project module or directly from a role or circle page.
You can also create projects during your circle meetings.

Note: The card will be automatically added to the top of the column of your Kanban board.

To add a project card to a circle, you must be a member of that circle. 

  • Click on Add project 

  • Add a Title

Tip: formulate the title in terms of an expected result, for example, "The event in Montreal is organized") 

  • Choose the status of the project (Future, Waiting, Current, Done)

  • Assign a circle

  • Add a description

Tip: describe the project's objectives and success indicators

On the right side of card, you will find multiple options to detail the card as much as you wish:

  • Assign a role

  • Assign member(s)

  • Add a due date

  • Add labels to categorize projects in your board

  • Attach an OKR to the project to show where the project contributes

  • Add one or more Todo list to break down the project steps

  • Attach a file from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, a link or your computer 


Editing a project 

You can edit a card by clicking on the card you want to edit on your project board. Simply open the card to edit it. 

All members of a circle can edit a project.


Delete or Archive a project 

Deleted project is permanently deleted with all the information it contains. The deletion of a card is permanent and deleted cards cannot be restored.

Archived projects is a project that has been completed for example. It remains visible in the "Archived projects" view. 

To archive or delete a project, click on the 3 dots on the project card or click directly on the project card.

Note: By archiving project cards you no longer need, you improve the performance of your board.

Sort and search cards


Cards can be grouped by circle, role, OKR, alphabetical order, due date and creation date. 

In your board, click on the menu on the right "Group by" to sort by role, circle or OKRs.

In one of the columns of your board, click on the 3 dots at the top of the column and click on "Sort". 

Tip: organize your board by due date to better manage your actions and deliver the project on time!


Use the search options. Simply type in the search box at the top of the page to search for cards by using keywords


Mentioning roles

On the card, in the Comment section, start a conversation with other project members. Mention roles by typing "[email protected]" followed by the name of the role in question.

You can add a comment to share information or an update to your circle.

Share a card link  

To get the link of the card, click on the 3 dots of the project card or click directly on the project card. You can send this link to your collaborators to share important information.

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