How to add, edit and delete a project?

Learn how to create, modify and remove a project

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🚀 New Projects App is now available in the Experimental features mode!
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The Projects app allows you to organize your projects cards in Kanban boards.

You’ll start with 4 columns (Future, Waiting, Current and Done) that represent the project's status from start to finish. You can also customize your circle's project board by adding, renaming and rearranging the columns!

Each circle has its own board to organize projects and tasks, track progress and collaborate with other circle members.


What's on a project card?

Projects are represented as cards that can be moved in the Kanban from one column to another. The cards include different information:

  • Members/Roles: Assign people to projects to easily see who does what.

  • Due date: Add deadlines and sort your projects by priority to prioritize next actions.

  • Labels: Add labels for a pop of colour and to help categorize your board.

  • OKRs: Link OKRs to show what the project contributes to.

  • To do list: Breakdown project into subtasks to make sure nothing falls behind, and link your tasks to your Actions app.

  • Attachments: Add from your computer a link and many cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

  • Comments and Activity: Comments can be added to cards when communicating and collaborating with circle members, like giving feedback or updates. Mention a role in your circle! The activity feed gives a timeline of all of the comments and actions taken on a project.

How to add a project?

👤 To create a project for a circle, you must be a member of said circle.

👉 To add a project card, click on Add project.

You can do it:

  • From the Projects app

  • From the circle or role page, in the Projects tab

  • During a meeting while on the Projects step

Only the meeting Secretary can add a project during the meeting.

Make sure the Projects step is included in your meeting template.

After creating the project card:

  • Add a Title and a Description

  • Assign a circle

On the side panel of the card, you'll find multiple ways to add information:

  • Assign a role and/or members

  • Add a due date

  • Add labels to categorize projects in your board

  • Attach an OKR to the project to show what the project contributes to

  • Add one or more To-do list to break down the project steps

  • Attach a file from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, a link or your computer 

How to edit a project?

You can edit a card from the Projects app, the role/circle page or in a meeting:

  • Click on the card you want to edit

  • Make the changes you want

All modifications will automatically be saved.

📌 Note: All members of a circle can edit its projects, even without being directly assigned to it.


How to delete or archive a project?

To archive or delete a project, you can:

  • Click on the 3 dots on the project card and select the action of your choice

  • Open the project card and click the Delete or Archive button on the side panel

⚠️ Important: The deletion of a project card is permanent and deleted cards cannot be restored. All the information it contains will be lost.

By archiving a project, you will remove it from your circle's project board but you'll still be able to consult it with the Archived projects view.

The different views of your project board

Group your projects

Project cards can be grouped by circle, role, member and OKR.

On your project board, click on Group by and select the desired view.

Sort your projects

You can also sort your projects directly in the column, by alphabetical order, chronological order of creation or due date.

Click on the three dots at the top of the column, click on Sort and select the way you want your projects to appear in the column.

Search for your projects

Use the search bar to look for circles' project board or keywords to find projects within the selected project board.

Collaborate on projects

Use the Activity section to comment, give feedback and updates on the project.

You can mention other roles if necessary.

You can send the link to the project card to collaborators to share important information. Either click on the three dots of the project card and select Copy URL or click on the Copy URL button when the card is open.

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