The Actions Module gives you a global view of all ongoing and completed actions. You have access to your tasks and those of other roles in the organization.


All members of a circle can create actions for the circle, its roles and its members.


An action is a task to be completed represented as cards with a title and description. The cards include different information and options:

  • Member(s) or role assigned

  • Due dates to stay on track for your Projects and Actions.

  • Attach files to link cards to documents or images to keep everything is organized in a single space

  • Comment cards to engage in a conversation and communicate updates in a more meaningful way. 


Adding an action 

Add a card from the Actions module or directly from a role or circle page. You can also create actions during your circle meetings.

 To add a card to a circle, you must be a member of that circle. 

  • Click on add an action

  • Add a title

  • Assign a circle

  • Add a description of the task 

On the right side of the card, add as many details as you want:

  • Assign a role in the circle to the task

  • Assign only members of the circle

  • Add a due date

  • Add attachment


Editing an Action

You can edit a card by clicking on the card you wish to modify. Just open the card to edit it. 


All members of a circle can edit an action and check it.


Deleting an action

To delete an action, click on the 3 points of the Actions card or click directly on the project card.

Deleting a card is permanent and deleted cards cannot be restored.


Checking an action


All circle members can check off actions and tasks in the circle. 

When an action is completed, you can check the box next to the action from your Actions module. 

Note: The action is then marked as completed and remains visible in the Actions Completed menu.

You can also do an action review in your circle meetings. To mark actions in the Action step of the meeting, the secretary can check the action.


Views of the Actions module 

Cards can be grouped by circle or by role.

In your Actions module, click on the menu on the right "Group by" to sort them by role or circle


My Actions, All Actions and Completed 

By default, you get on the My Actions menu. These are all the actions that are assigned to you personally or to one of your roles.


In the Completed menu, you will find the actions that have been checked and marked as completed by you or members of your organization.


The All Actions menu includes all completed and ongoing actions in all circles.


Searching and sorting

Use the sort and search options in the Completed Actions and All Actions menu. Simply type in the search field at the top of the page to search for cards using keywords. You can also filter by roles, circles or assigned members.



Mentioning Roles

On the card, in the "Comment" section, engage in conversation with other members of the circle or action. Mention roles by typing "[email protected]" followed by the name of the role in question.

You can add a comment to share information or an update to your circle.

Share a card link  

To get the link of a card, click on the 3 dots of the action card or click directly on the card. You can send this link to your collaborators to share important information.

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