All members of a circle can create actions.

You can access all the actions of your organization and your actions in the Actions module.

Navigating in the Actions module

  • Click on Actions in the left-hand navigation menu

Here you will find all the Actions of your organization

You can filter the actions by accessing the view:

  • My actions: all the actions that are assigned to you or to your roles that have yet to be completed.

  • Completed: all actions in the organization that have already been completed.

  • All actions: all actions, current and completed, throughout the organization.

Each view can be sorted by circle, role, or member.

Tip ⭐️ : Organize your current actions by role or circle

Adding an action

  • Go to the Actions tab

  • Click on Add action

  • Add a Title and a Description if needed

Tip ⭐️ : Add the deadline of your action in the Title field to better prioritize your tasks

  • Assign the action to a circle and/or a role

  • Assign members to the circle

Editing or deleting an action

  • Go to the Actions tab

  • Click the 3 dots to the right of the action you wish to edit

  • Click on Edit action or Delete action

  • Made the desired changes

  • Click on Save

Complete an action

To mark an action as done, you only have to check the corresponding box on the left of the completed action.

Note :

  • All members of a circle can check off actions, including those to which they are not assigned. If you've checked an action by mistake, just navigate to the completed actions menu and uncheck the action.

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