All actions you create for yourself or those assigned to you or your roles during a Tactical meeting can be viewed or modified by following these steps:

View your actions

  • Click on Actions in the left-hand navigation menu

You can filter the actions using these three options:

  • My actions: those assigned to you or your roles that have yet to be completed.
  • Completed: all actions in the organization that have already been completed.
  • All actions: all actions, current and completed, throughout the organization.

Add an action

Once in the Actions menu:

  • Click on Add action in the top-right corner
  • Add a Title and a Description if needed
  • Actions can be individual for members or assigned to a role in the organization.
  • Assigned the desired members that will perform the actions.
  • Click Create an action

Edit an action

  • Click the 3 dots to the right of the action you wish to edit
  • Click Edit action
  • Made the desired changes
  • Click Save

Delet an action

To delete an action:

  • Click the 3 dots to the right of the action you wish to edit
  • Click Delete action
  • Click Delete

Complete an action

To mark an action as done, you only have to check the corresponding box on the left of the completed action.

Note: You can also undo completed action and uncheck the box.

Search completed action

To locate an action which has been previously completed:

  • Filter the displayed actions by clicking Completed in the dropdown to the left of the Actions header.
  • Filter the search results by Roles, Circles, or Members. You can also Search for an action by using keywords in the Title of completed actions.
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