All actions you create for yourself or those assigned to you or your roles during a Tactical meeting can be viewed or modified by following these steps:

Viewing actions

  • Click Actions in the left-hand navigation menu

You can filter the displayed actions using these three options:

  • My actions (those assigned to you or your roles that have yet to be completed)
  • Completed (all actions throughout the organization that have already been completed)
  • All actions (all actions, current and completed, throughout the organization)

Adding an action

Once in the Actions menu, you can add an action to yourself, any member of a circle you are a member of, or roles which you hold. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on Add action in the top-right corner
  • Add a Title and an optional Description
  • For an individual action, you do not need to select anything for Role, as Individual is the default option. You will then want to select the Member to assign the project to.
  • To assign an action to a role, select desired Role, then choose the Member you want it assigned to. The default option is to assign the action to All members in this role.
  • Click Create an action

Editing an action

To edit an action:

  • Click the 3 dots to the right of the action you wish to edit
  • Click Edit action
  • Made the desired changes
  • Click Save

Deleting an action

To delete an action:

  • Click the 3 dots to the right of the action you wish to edit
  • Click Delete action
  • Click Delete

Completing an action

To mark an action as done, you only have to check the corresponding box on the left of the completed action.

Searching for a completed action

To locate an action which has been previously completed:

  • Filter the displayed actions by clicking Completed in the dropdown to the left of the Actions header
  • Filter the search results by Roles, Circles, or Members. You can also Search for an action by using keywords in the Title of completed actions
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