A role can be expanded into a circle, or turned back into a role in a similar way.
Administrators and members of the circle have access to the feature.

Note: Transforming a circle into a role will delete all projects, checklists, indicators and previous meeting reports of the circle concerned.

There are several ways to reduce a circle to a role:

  1. Directly from the circle page

  2. During a governance meeting

  3. Via an evolution proposal from the tensions section

1. Reducing a circle to a role from the Circle page

  • In the Governance module, search for the circle to be transformed into a role.

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the page and select Reduce a circle to a simple role

  • Follow the instructions on the form, then Validate

The circle will turn back into a role and will be moved up to its parent circle.

2. Reducing a circle to a role during a meeting

Meetings provide the forum to discuss organizational change.

Prerequisite: The Meeting Template must have the agenda step and the governance results enabled. By default, and for holacracy practitioners, the Governance meeting is the right place to address these topics.

  • Open a meeting for the circle that contains the sub-circle you want to reduce into a role (see how to open a meeting?)

  • In the Agenda, import a tension or add an item

  • Click on the item and Add meeting results. Choose Role/Circle

  • In the Edit role field, select the subcircle you want to edit from the dropdown list

  • Click on Reduce to role

  • Validate the proposal and see the result in the org chart.

Note: It is possible to reduce a subcircle to a role in a governance meeting of a higher level circle only.

3. By submitting a Governance Proposal

  • In your Tensions module, click on Create a Tension.

  • Enter a title and the circle of the level concerned.

Note: You must create your tension for the parent circle that contains the subcircle you want to reduce. In short, when you want to impact a subcircle, you need to do it from the higher level.

  • Click on Add an evolution and select Role/Circle

  • In the Edit role field, select the subcircle you want to edit from the dropdown list

  • Click on Reduce to a role

  • Depending on the organization mode in place in your organization, you can click on Submit (in consent mode) to send the proposal to other circle members, or you can click on Validate (in open mode) to implement the change and see it in your org chart.

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