Modify a role or a circle through the "open mode" governance:

Creating, modifying, or deleting a role or circle is one of the many things you can do when making governance changes. This process can be done whether in a meeting or outside of a meeting.

In any instance, you will want to first open or join a meeting, then add an issue to the meeting agenda. Once you have done that, follow these steps:

Create a role or circle

  • Click on the agenda item
  • Click on Add proposal
  • Click on Role or Circle
  • Click on New role
  • Add any combination of Purpose, Domains, and Accountabilities as desired
  • If you need a Circle, check the Make this role a circle
  • Optionally, if making a Circle, you will be able to choose roles to move in the new circle during this operation.
  • If you need to create additional Roles/Circles, click on Add proposal and repeat
  • Following your decision-making process, click on Validate to save the proposal.

This role or circle is now immediately visible and available in your organization and can be edited via future governance

Modify a role or circle

To modify a role or a circle 

  • Select the role in the dropdown menu which you wish to modify
  • Edit the desired information
  • Validate the proposal

Delete a role or circle

To delete a role or a circle, 

  • Select the role in the dropdown menu which you wish to delete
  • Then check Delete role or Delete circle
  • Validate the proposal

Note: When you delete a circle, all contents, including roles, sub-circles, checklists, metrics, publications, policies, projects, actions, and OKR's will be deleted. There is no way to undo this change, so recommend careful consideration prior to deleting a circle.

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