Making any governance changes can be done by any member of the organization through two different processes: 

  1. In a circle's governance meeting 
  2. Asynchronously outside a meeting

1. In a governance meeting

  • If you're the one in charge of organizing a meeting, please follow the steps described in this article to open a governance meeting
  • Once in the meeting, add an agenda item
  • Click on the agenda item
  • Click on Add proposal
  • Select from the dropdown whether you want to make changes to a Role or Circle, Policy, Elections, or you can Restructure sub-circle
  • Fill out the necessary information according to the change you want to make
  • Click Validate

2. In a process outside of a governance meeting ("asynchronous")

If you don't want to wait for the next governance meeting, holaspirit allows you to process your proposal following a consent decision making process.

  • Follow these steps to create a tension and add a governance proposal to it
  • Click on Submit to others

All the members within the circle will be notified to answer No objection or Escalate to meeting. If escalated to meeting, the process is then interrupted and the proposal will come back to the Proposer's tensions list.

The proposal will be validated if one of the two conditions is filled: All circle members answered No objection or if no one answered Escalate to meeting within the time period set by Administrators.

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