Integration connect other software you use (like Trello, Slack, Todoist or one of your company's internal tools) to Holaspirit. With all your tools in one place, you can streamline work and help people in your company collaborate more effectively.

What you need to know

  • There are different types of integration in Holaspirit — for Circles and fro Users. The different types of integration determines how it can be installed, used and manage in Holaspirit.

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Circle Integrations

If you wish to connect Holaspirit to an external project management or communication tool, please find below the apps available:

  • Asana: Create Asana projects from your Holaspirit meetings, without switching apps.

  • Basecamp: Create projects from your Holaspirit meetings, without switching apps.

  • Jira: Create Jira issues from your Holaspirit meetings, without switching apps.

  • Trello: Create Trello cards from your Holaspirit meetings, without switching apps.

  • Talkspirit: Post meeting report in a group

  • Slack: Post to Slack, @mention users, submit proposals and receive Holaspirit notifications from your channel.

  • Outgoing webhooks

Activate apps

To active integration:

  • From the Circle page on your platform, go to the 3 dots and select Settings.

  • In the Integrations tab, you can view any apps installed to your circle by other members.

By default, any circle admin can install apps to their circle. When you’ve found an app you’d like to use, click the Activate button. If you don't have the access, please

Once an app is installed to your circle, you and other circle members can start using it right away.

Note: Integrations will often require clicking Activate on a popup to confirm, as well as logging into a service or adding additional information to finalize the activation of the app.

Consequence of activating the app

Holaspirit offers a one-way synchronisation between Holaspirit Projects and the external apps.

Projects will not be visible in Holaspirit anymore.
The Circle Project board will show a link to the external tool that is set up.

All the circle's projects created in meetings in Holaspirit will be automatically sent to the application.

Using outgoing webhooks

Outgoing webhooks are a simple way to share information to external sources from Holaspirit. Once configured, events will fire to the URL(s) of your choice and can be used to create applications for various purposes, such as notifications and reporting Check this article for a full guide

Personal integrations

If you use Omifocus or TodoIst, Holaspirit allows you to connect Holaspirit Actions to these tools in minutes to better organize the actions of your roles or your individual actions outside Holaspirit. Check this article.

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