The new Holaspirit is finally here! There are still many improvements to be made and features to be added, but rest assured we will continue to dedicate all our resources to developing the best platform to support self-management and agile practices at scale.

Below is an overview of the changes you will find in the the new Teal UI, broken down by the changes that apply to all users, and the changes that only administrators need to be aware of.

For all users

  • A new technical framework. For the tech guys, we replaced the old Angularv1 with ReactJS framework and improved our API. This results in a much faster site, especially for organizations with hundreds of roles.

  • New colors and graphic environment. Additionally, we will soon enable companies to be able to personalize Holaspirit's aesthetics along with an option to let their users choose their own colors. Stay tuned!

  • A new navigation bar to easily access your roles and circles in one click. No need to do many clicks to navigate from one circle to another. With dedicated filters and search, you can easily find the circles and roles you’re looking for. We will soon be adding more filters and "favorites", which will let you build your own view and have a direct access to the circles and roles you want to follow. 

  • You can now propose circle and role evolution directly from the action menu of any circle and role. Depending of the governance settings chosen by the organization (see below), you will either be able to make immediate changes without the need for approval or you can submit the change as a proposal to be validated by the other circle members (exactly like you already do when publishing a proposal from the Tensions tab). Whatever the mode, all changes are now listed in an activity feed of the role or circle to increase transparency and make it easier to follow and track role evolutions.

  • Your work is now accessible from 3 tabs: Projects, Actions, and the new OKRs (Objective and Key Results) tab. In each tab, you will find a direct access to the work of your circles. You can always access other circles by selecting "All ..." at the top and searching for the circle that you want to display.

  • We removed personal private projects to build new privacy options and settings by circle. These new options will allow circle members to share private projects, actions, and OKRs with their circle members only.

  • We also removed badges, which where almost entirely unused. Badges were introduced to support skills and build compensation systems based on a badge library. This proved to be too complex and not desired by our user base. We will come up with other ideas to help organizations better manage and identify people skills and find good fit-for-roles and share the update as soon as something is released.

  • A mobile version for Android and Apple now exists. This is the first version of the app, so it will of course evolve regularly as we improve it alongside the web platform.

  • A new Knowledge Base. For our friends in The Netherlands, we are also working on a dedicated Knowledge Base in Dutch. 

  • Our support team is still there behind the Online Assistance link. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

  • Finally, we introduced a temporary Feedback button on the bottom-right corner of the page. This button is there during the launch phase of the new version to help us identify where we missed something and where we did well. Please let us know your thoughts - it helps a lot! Rest assured that no personal data is sent through this widget, so we don’t know who is posting what. If you'd like a reply from us, please mention your name and we'll respond right away!

For administrators

  • Since our goal is to support all kinds of methodologies to support self-managed organizations at scale, we introduced new tabs and options in the Administration dashboard to let you easily expand beyond Holacracy. 

  • In the Role templates tab, you will be able to design your own role templates and core roles. If you want to move from Holacracy 4.1 to 5.0, adopt Sociocracy or S3.0, it’s easy as 1-2-3 to personalize core roles to better reflect how your organization is structured.

  • In the Circle settings tab, you will now be able to choose which core roles are elected and how other roles in the circle are assigned by default. You will also find 2 different modes for your decision making process. Open mode, where anyone can make changes without prior validation, and the classic Consent mode, where someone can propose a governance change and other circle members have a chance to object.

  • We rearranged the other Administration tabs to make things easier and prepare for future improvements.

What next?

You can view our Public Roadmap to stay up-to-date with the updates we’re currently working on or just thinking about. Do not hesitate to vote for the the improvements which would be most important for your organization as it helps us to prioritize more effectively. Ultimately, the features we want to work on are the features you most want to use, so we'd love to hear from you!

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