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Holaspirit gives you and your team a clear vision of the progress and success of your projects.

The project module allows you to organize your processes, organize your work flow for a better project management. It allows you to create projects and gather all information (member, to do, project progress, OKRs, documents) in one online place.

It helps you keep track of every project and tasks that are linked to your roles in the organization. You will be able to share progress with others and keep everyone on the same page!

What is a project?

Projects represent a set of actions to be carried out in order to achieve a result. For example, you can work on launching a new website or organizing a seminar. The Project module is a good support for organizing your tasks and for collaborating with your teammates.

A project is generally broken down into several steps, as opposed to actions that represent simple tasks that cannot be broken down.

The Kanban view

Projects are displayed in 4 columns organized as a Kanban (Future, Waiting, Current, Done). You can rapidly pinpoint role projects that are ongoing, blocked or completed within each circle.

Kanban is an efficient method for organizing your projects. You get a clear presentation of the project in the organization. You can access your projects linked to your role and every project of your organization's circle.

You can also move and reorganize each of your projects from one column to another with a simple drag and drop. The objective is to move your projects to the last column Done.

Who can add and edit projects?

Any member can add, modify, and delete projects. Anyone in the organization can add, edit, and delete projects. You can assign one or more circle members to the project. Each member will be able to collaborate in the project and share the progress of the project during the circle's tactical meetings.

What's in a project?

  • Title: The name of your project, for example, "The show in Barcelona is organized"
  • Role: You can create an individual project and assign it to members of the organization or assign the project to a role in the organization.
  • Status: Future, Waiting, Current, Done
  • Description: Allows you to specify the purpose of the project, its particularities and, if necessary, to explain its constraints and objectives.
  • Link: Allows you to share a link to an attachment (Google Drive, OneDrive for example).
  • Assign members: You can select several members in the role or in the organization who will work on the project.
  • Attach an OKR: Add an OKR (Objective and Key Results).
  • Add a to-do-list: Each project can be link to to-do lists of step-by-step actions.

These information allow every project to be flushed out to be as detailed and organized as you wish!

Visualize your projects

The Project page leads you to My Projects view. You can group them by Circle, Role or OKR.

You can access archived projects.

You can consult the projects of the circles of your organization and group them by Member, Role or OKR for more readability.

Note: The circles of the organization can set privacy on the projects. If these settings are enabled and you are not a member of the circle, you will not be able to view the circle's projects.

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