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What is a project? How is it different from an action?

A project is something that needs done but will likely take multiple steps or "actions". For example, emailing someone or printing out a report would be actions, as they are single, simple steps that you can do and finish rather easily. On the other hand, a project likely takes more time, effort, and steps, such as putting on a local event, building new software, or creating a new spreadsheet with lots of data.

Projects are best used when you want to remember that something needs done (either now or in the future) or want to keep track of the progress being made on the work.

The Kanban view

Kanban is an exceptionally useful way to organize projects for maximum transparency and efficiency. For this reason, all projects are automatically displayed in a Kanban-style format when viewing them on the Projects screen. You can not only see a clear display of all the projects, but you can move and reorganize your projects from this screen for easy organization of the things you and your team are working on.

Who can add and edit projects?

Any member can add, modify, and delete projects. Anyone can add a project to themselves, other members who hold the same role(s) as themselves, or to any other members of the circle as an individual project (in other words, projects that aren't directly related to a role). Additionally, anyone can edit and reorganize projects. In this way, members of your organization can take care of their work without worrying about unnecessary restrictions or complications.

To-do lists

In addition to basic project functionalities, each project can also include multiple to-do lists of step-by-step actions. This allows every project to be flushed out to be as detailed and organized as you wish, greatly improving your project management capabilities.

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