Project Module is your team's persistent hub to showcase a view of the what, why and how of a project and drive easy understanding of its progress and context. It helps you keep track of every project and task that are linked to your roles in the organization. You will be able to share progress with others and keep everyone on the same page!

Every team uses Holaspirit for project management a little differently, but this article will give you a glimpse of what you can do once you have a few projects.


A Project is a specific outcome that requires multiple and/or sequential actions to complete. All Circle members are required to capture and track Projects for their Roles in a tangible form and to regularly review and update them.

A Project is created for a circle and can be linked to a Role or assigned to any of the circle members. A Project is described by:

  • A Title, that is clear enough for everyone to understand the expected outcome

  • Status: Future, Waiting, Current, Done

  • Description: this allows you to specify the purpose of the project, its specificities, and, if necessary, to explain its constraints and objectives.

  • Link: this allows you to share a link to an external document stored in a file picker (Google Drive, OneDrive for example).

  • A related OKR: to see where the project contributes, you can link the project to an existing OKR in the organization

  • A checklist: break up the project into smaller task or divide the work

Those information allow every project to be flushed out to be as detailed and organized as you wish.

Project Views

Kanban view

Projects are organized in 4 columns as a Kanban (Future, Waiting, Current, Done). Kanban is an efficient method for organizing your projects. You get a clear presentation of the project in the organization and can rapidly pinpoint role projects that are ongoing, blocked, or completed within each circle.

You can easily move and reorganize each of your projects through stages with a simple drag and drop. The objective is to move your projects to the last column Done.

View your projects and those of your colleagues

You can access your projects linked to your role and every project in your organization's circle.

The view My Projects will display all projects that are assigned to you or to your roles.

Each member of your organization can also navigate to the project of other circles and see what they are working on and where they're at. Simply type the name of the circle you want to have a look at. You can also subscribe to the circle notifications, in your preferences.

Note: Members are only allowed to create, edit, delete project for their circles

For any Holaspirit project, you can switch between several different views to see project however you want:

Members—For listing projects per member

Roles—For listing project per roles

OKR—See where your projects contribute

Sort, filter your project view to fit the way you work.

Create a project

Understanding how to create and use a project will be a major improvement for your team to get more transparency and clarity about the work.

To create a new project:

  • Click the button Add project

Once you click on Add Project, you’ll be able to fill in your project details, select your project status, and assign members. From the project details screen, you can:

  • Enter a project name and description

  • Select the circle you wish to add the project to

  • Select a role or member that is assigned to the project

  • Add a link, attach an OKR and create your checklist

  • Click Create once the details have been added

Project Members

Each project is assigned to one circle, but can have many project members. Both circle members and project members can add, remove, and edit the project. They can update the project's status.


Every member of the organization can access to a project. To limit access to projects, a circle admin can determine privacy settings. With such settings only circle members will be allowed to see, add, remove projects. Here’s how

Review projects progress during meetings

You can support your circle meeting on Holaspirit and review your projects progress with your teammates. The goal is simple: keep each other updated about what’s going on and ask for help to move forward with a project if needed.

Many teams like to host a weekly tactical meeting and a monthly strategic meeting (mostly if you apply Holacracy). Others prefer to check-in on a daily basis or every other week.

Just know that Holaspirit allows you to adapt your meeting structure with Meeting Template.

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