New work practices incite to new ways of getting together that are more agile, more collaborative, more productive. Short meetings and getting a lot done. That way you will have more time and energy to contribute to your work.

Types of meetings

Holaspirit has two types of meetings built in by default.

  • Tactical Meetings are your go-to, everyday meetings where the team gets up-to-date on the work being done and discusses ideas, problems, and solutions that come up during the daily work. Tactical meetings are operations oriented.

  • Governance Meetings are where changes are made to the organization itself, such as role expectations and circle structure.

Each meeting includes some steps for a process that can help teams stay productive and on-track during meetings. However, you can still meet in whatever way works best for you and your team. Additionally, customized meeting processes are a feature currently being worked on and should arrive soon!

How do you open or schedule a meeting?

While the Secretary of a circle would traditionally open and schedule meetings, Holaspirit allows any member of the circle to do so. You can either open a meeting to begin immediately or schedule a one-time or recurring meeting for a future date. When meetings have been scheduled in advance, members of the circle can sync the meetings to their personal calendars.

Adding issues to the meeting agenda

During both governance and tactical meetings, anyone can add their own issues to the meeting agenda. This allows everyone an opportunity to bring up the things they need to discuss. Additionally, it allows you to prepare your tension in advance to maximize meeting efficiency.

Meeting reports

After you close a meeting, notes on what happened in the meeting will be emailed to everyone in the circle. If you want to see what happened in a meeting at any point after that, you can access your meeting reports. These will show a breakdown of how many tensions there were, any projects or actions captured during the meeting, or what changes were made during governance.


  • Administrators can delete any governance or tactical meeting reports if needed.

  • You can also print meeting report or download it as a PDF.

  • If a circle is deleted, you can still see the previous meeting reports in the Reports tab.

Governance outside of meetings

Sometimes you need to propose changes to your governance but don't have the possibility to attend the meetings. In these cases, you can propose governance changes outside of a meeting, when your organization applies consent governance. How long this process takes and whether feedback is required or not can also be changed at the company level. The process of validating the proposal is smoothly run via email or direclty from the notification menu in the left hand menu.

If your governance mode is set to open, you do not necessarily need to have meetings or make proposal in order to make changes. In this case, each member can simply make whatever changes they need to without having to wait for approval from others or needing to open a meeting. Records of changes will still exist so that you can stay aware of who changed what. You can view the evolutions in the Activity feed of the Circle or Role.

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