The Actions modules gathers all the ongoing and completed actions your organization manages. It helps you keep track of every ask that are linked to your roles in the organization.

You can use actions as reminders of tasks to be done.


An action is something that is relatively quick, easy to do, and cannot be broken down into several steps. For example, sending an email to someone or printing a report... These are simple, one-time tasks.

An action is created for a circle and can be linked to a Role or assigned to any of the circle members.

An Action is described by a Title, a Description, a role/circle and assigned members:

Actions views

Clearly organizing your ideas and tasks in your actions module allows you to work more efficiently. You can access your actions linked to your role and every actions in your organization's circle.

  • The view My Actions will display all actions that are assigned to you or to your roles. You can filter the action view by circles or by roles to have better visibility of the actions to be done.

  • The view Completed gathers all the actions that have been checked in the organization.

  • The view All actions gives you access to all the outgoing tasks of the organization. Each member of your organization can consult the actions of other circles and see what they are working on and where they're at.

Note: Any circle members can check actions off as they are completed.

Associate Associate actions with Projects

Actions can be seamlessly link to projects. When you create your project, add a checklist to it. By clicking on the 3 dots on the right and click an action on this to-do list. An action will be automatically created for the role or member assigned to the project.

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