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What is an action?

An action is something that is relatively quick or easy to do and likely only takes a single step. For example, emailing someone or printing out a report would be actions, as they are single, simple steps that you can do and finish rather easily. On the other hand, a project likely takes more time, effort, and steps, such as putting on a local event, building new software, or creating a new spreadsheet with lots of data.

Actions are best used as reminders to do something that can most likely get done that same day or whenever someone has a few minutes to spare.

Organizing your actions

Clearly organizing your thoughts and things on your to-do list will make you stress less and work more effectively. Ever want to see all of your assigned actions, from all of your roles, across all of your circles in one convenient location? You can as

Holaspirit enables you to easily access and organize your actions.

You can limit your view to specific circles, roles or members, check items off as they are completed, and more.

Can I see what actions have already been completed?

Holaspirit gives you multiple ways to find past work that has already been done. You can change your view from your own current actions to just actions you have previously completed. You can also view all actions across the company, whether past or present. In either case, you can organize or search for them by name, circle, role, or who the action was assigned to. Never lose track of to-do items again!

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