Holaspirit was built to help companies self-manage, whether they are using their own customized methods or sticking with popular systems. Thus, it should be no surprise that Holaspirit works perfectly for organizations using Sociocracy. Here are some of the ways Holaspirit helps companies operate within Sociocracy principles and how the platform can help make this journey easier and more effective.



Arguably one of Holaspirit's most impactful benefits is that is makes so much of the company transparent. A clear organizational chart, defined roles and expectations, projects, metrics, and even meeting outcomes are transparent, just to name a few. This helps practitioners of Sociocracy start off on the right foot, having most things transparent by default rather than trying to figure out how to make that possible.

Empiricism, Effectiveness, and Continuous Improvement

Through the use of projects, metrics, and OKRs, it's easier than ever to stay aware of how well each initiative is performing and the net-effect of any goals the company is pursuing. As this information pours in, changes to the organization's governance can be made regularly and effectively during governance meetings or asynchronously outside of meetings. This makes it easy to keep track of what's working and what's not and evolve the organization to take what's successful and move beyond the rest.

Consent and Equivalence

Holaspirit has two different "governance modes", depending on how your organization chooses to operate. The more popular of the two is "Consent mode", which makes certain things function how Sociocracy intends. Making changes requires a governance meeting be opened, which would alert all members of the circle to the meeting taking place. If changes are made outside of a meeting, every member of the circle would have the option to object. These functions ensure that everyone who should be involved in the decision has some say in what gets changed, while an "objection or no objection" method supports consent-based decision-making.


A transparent organizational structure helps reinforce accountability. Clearly defined roles and a list of all actions assigned to you are just two of the features that make it clear who is responsible for what. Couple this with an efficient method of holding peers accountable and more work will get done with less worry or stress for every member of the organization.


While Holacracy has "core roles", Sociocracy has "process roles". Holaspirit has predefined roles for each circle that aren't strictly devoted to either structure, and these are easy to replace with the Sociocracy variants using Holaspirit's Role Templates feature. Just follow these steps!

  1. Change Circle Lead to Leader and replace its accountabilities with these two (or something similar):

    - oversee operations of the Circle
    - communicate the interests and decisions of the Circle’s broader Circle.

    * If you'd like, you can also choose to make this an elected role, further promoting consent-based role selections.
  2. Change Circle Rep to Delegate and replace its accountabilities with these two (or something similar):

    - attend the meetings of the broader circle
    - communicate the interests and decisions of the Circle to the broader Circle.

Facilitator and Secretary are default roles in Holaspirit already, so you shouldn't need to change anything there to start or continue your journey with Sociocracy!


While Holaspirit has Tactical and Governance meetings by default, these can be used in ways familiar to practitioners of Sociocracy. In Sociocracy, these might be called Operational and Policy meetings, respectively. Each meeting includes rounds to increase meeting efficiency and humanity. While not yet implemented, we are also looking to create customizable meeting templates so you can structure your meetings and rounds exactly as you'd like!


As you can hopefully see, Holaspirit makes it easy to operate within Sociocracy paradigms and easy to customize every little detail to fit your organization's exact needs. Are there features you'd love to see implemented that aren't yet on our public roadmap? Please let us know at [email protected].

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