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To easily manage users authentication, you can enable Google SSO.

Enable Google SSO

  • Click on your Profile icon in the left navigation menu
  • Click on the Administration section

1. Add a domain

Manage your user logins by customizing the login policy for specific domains.

From the first section:

  • Add the domain names for which the authentication settings apply. Domains cannot be saved without having configured the connection with your identification provider (IdP).

Note: Domains cannot be saved if the link with your connexion provider has not been configured.

2. Configure the connection with Google

  • From the drop-down menu select Google.

You can choose between two options:

  • You can first activate Google SSO for a test. It means that users will still be able to log in via a username and password.
  • You can activate Google SSO for all members. When Google SSO is enabled for all members, then all users will be required to sign in using Google. The users that do not belong to the set up domains will still be able to login via an email and password.

Consequences of strong authentication for all members:

  • If users want to switch to another organization, they first have to log out and use the correct authentication method.
  • For security reasons, users for who Google SSO applies will not be able to change their email address.
  • If a user tries to login via a username and password, they will automatically be redirected to the Google authentication page.

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