As the secretary, you can start a meeting and capture its outputs.

1. Click on the item in the Agenda box to discuss it

2. Once you've discussed the outputs with circle members, you can add an output to the agenda items.

Outputs allows you to:

  • Add new actions

  • Add new projects

  • Add new checklists

  • Add new metrics

  • Add new OKR

  • Add new role/circle

  • Add new policy

  • Hold elections

  • Move a role or a policy

3. Add a title to the outputs you're creating

4. For Actions, Projects, Checklist, Metrics, OKR you can assign the output to a role. For example, I will create the action to find a venue for our next event to the role Event Organizer and eventually assign a members of the role or the role to the outputs.

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