You can easily access the email addresses of all the members of a circle or the whole organization.

Circle Member List

Navigate to a circle page, then the Members tab.
Click the envelope icon button and choose from one of the options available.

You can copy email of:

  • all circle members

  • all core circle members

  • all members in core roles in the circle

Organization Member List

Admins can access the list of all users email addresses.

  • Go to Administration from your avatar

  • Go to Manage users

  • From here, you can Export file by clicking on the icon at the right side of the screen. This will generate an export with all users in the organization

  • Filter the list of users directly in the file to copy the email addresses in your clipboard.

Roles Templates Member List

Admins can access the list of all members assigned to Roles Templates in the organization.
For that, go to the Administration menu:

  • Go to Role templates

  • Click on the 3 dots at the very right side of the template

  • Select Export members. You'll get a list of users who fill role templates including their contact details.

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