Adding labels to project cards
Categorize your projects with color and terms
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One of the simplest ways you can add a pop of color, structure, and clarity to your Kanban board is by adding labels to cards.

You can use Holaspirit labels in many different ways such as to identify priority level, to organize cards by type... Labels are a great way to differentiate between different types of tasks especially if you use the board to keep track of many projects.

A single project card can have multiple labels. There are 10 label colors to choose from in Holaspirit.

Adding labels

From your project card, click the "labels" button to add labels.

Choose existing tags or create new ones.

Editing labels

Label names can be edited by hovering your mouse over a card, clicking the pencil icon that appears, then "Edit labels." Click on the pencil icon of the label you'd like to rename

You can delete a label in the same place that you rename the label. To do so, simply click on Delete at the bottom of the change Label menu.

Removing labels

Remove a label from a card via the card "Label" button. Active labels are represented with a green check mark.

Viewing labels

By default, the name add color of the label will show when viewing the cards from the Kanban board view. If you'd like to hide the names of the labels, you can click on the label. Clicking on the label again will show the name again.

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