Adding to-do list to your project is a way of breaking your projects down into smaller tasks. You can add multiple to-do list to a single card.

Adding a to-do list

Add a to-do list via the "Todo list" button the left section of the card or just click "+" next to Todo list on your project card.

In the Todo list area, enter a title (or use the default "Checklist"), then click 'Add task'.

Add as many task you need to break down your project.

Deleting a to-do list

Delete a to-do list you no longer need by clicking the "bin icon" to the right of the to-do list name then hit the "Delete" and "Enter" key on your keyboard. Alternatively, select "Delete" from the item actions menu.

Creating an action linked to the to-do list

If you want an action from the to-do list for the role or members assigned to the project. Click on the wand icon next to the task.

An action will be created in the Actions module of the member.

Completing a to-do list

Complete to-do list items by checking them off via the checkbox at the start of the line. Once all checklist items have been completed, you'll the progress bar reaches to 100%.

Note : Checked actions are visible in the Completed menu of the Actions menu.

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