How to add a todo list to a project

Learn how to create subtasks in a todo list

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Adding to-do list to your project is a way of breaking your project down into smaller tasks so all actions required to be completed are clear for everyone.

Adding a to-do list?

On your project card, add a to-do list by clicking on the Todo list button on the side panel.

Once created, the Todo list section allows you edit the title of your checklist and add tasks to be completed by clicking on the button Add task.

📌 Note: You can add as many tasks and Todo lists as needed to your project card.

Deleting a to-do list

To delete a to-do list, click on the bin icon next to its title and click Delete.

To only delete one of the tasks of your to-do list, click on the bin icon next to it.

You'll see it appear when hovering over the task.

Creating an action linked to a task

You can turn a task from a to-do list into an action that will automatically show in the Actions app of the circle members assigned to the project.

To do so, hover over the task and click on the magic wand icon next to it.

Completing a to-do list

Complete to-do list tasks by checking them off using the checkbox next to them.

Once all tasks have been completed, the progress bar reaches 100% !

See how many tasks have been completed directly from the project board.

📌 Note: If you've linked a task to your Actions app, the action will also show as completed. It will be visible in the Completed actions tab.

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