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Learn how to add a comment to a project, action, OKR, proposal, publication, checklist and metric

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Comments allow you to communicate with members directly on cards, in the Activity section. It gives you the opportunity to share your progress in a more meaningful way, or simply give out information. To view the comments on the card, click on the card to open it.

Adding a comment

As a circle member, you can add a comment on a card via the Add a comment text box in the Activity section of the card.

You can add comments on pretty much all types of cards, as the Activity section is available on Actions, Projects, OKRs, Proposals, Publications, Checklists and Metrics.

Mentioning roles, circles and members

You can mention roles, circles and members in a comment by using @ + the role or member's name, and then selecting them in the drop-down list.

When mentioning a role, no notification is sent to the members assigned to it.

However, when mentioning a member in a comment, they receive a notification email for the comment.

📌 Notes:

  • Only active members (Admins & Users) receive notification emails when mentioned, not Inactive members.

  • Members can choose to enabled or disable the mention notifications in their notifications settings.

Editing and deleting a comment

To edit a comment :

  • Click on the comment itself

  • Make your changes

  • Press Enter

To delete a comment:

  • Hover over your comment

  • Click on the bin icon

  • Click Delete to confirm

📌 Notes:

  • You can only edit or delete your own comments, not the ones of other members.

  • Deleting a comment is permanent

  • Deleted comment will show the mention "Deleted" in red

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