Comments allow you to engage in a conversation with your circle members on the card of Projects, Actions, and OKRs so you can communicate your progress in a more meaningful way. To view the comment on the card, click on the card to open it.

Adding a comment

As a circle member, you can add a comment on a card via the Add a comment text box in the Activity section of the card.

You can add a comment of a Project, Actions and OKRs of your circle(s).

Just type your comment and edit text with rich text editor options that will appear when you double click on the text.

@Mention other roles

You can mention other roles in comments by using "@" followed by the role's title then selecting the roles you would like to mention. You can also mention the circle members in a comment by using '@circle's title'.

The mentioned user(s) will not get a notification about the comment. However, stay tuned as our Product Team is currently developing a whole new notifications system.

Use the mention of other roles when you have a project that is divided among different roles inside the circle.

Editing and deleting a comment

Edit a comment by clicking on the text box. Delete comments by clicking the "bin" icon at the right side of the comment the comment. You can edit or delete any comment you make on any circle. Although it's not possible to edit comments made by another user. Deleting a comment is permanent. Deleted comment will show the mention "Deleted" in red.

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