Archiving cards

Archive cards you no longer need on your circle Projects and OKRs board.

Archive cards by clicking Archive card in the menu on a Project or OKR card. Or you can also select Archive from the 3 dots menu. Only circle members can archive card for their circles.

Note: Archived items are not loaded on the Projects view of the circle. Archiving cards will improve performance on large boards and will also help you see what's current. You can always find them in the Archived section of your Project and OKRs menu!

Archived cards will remain archived indefinitely. Although you or another circle member can choose to delete those cards or restore them back to the project board at any time, they won't be deleted automatically. You can leave them archived for as long as you like and still retrieve them later whenever you need them.

Unarchiving cards

On the Archived Projects menu or Archived OKRs menu, find the card. The search bar will bring up a list of archived cards that match your terms.

Click on the card you would like to restore and click on Unarchive on the right side of the card.

Deleting cards

Circle members can delete Projects, Actions, OKRs, Metrics and Checklists cards at any time.

Click the card to open it, then choose Delete from the bottom right. Because deleting a card is unrecoverable and permanent, this requires a confirmation click.

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