You can set dates for when a Project or Actions card is "due". When a due date is set, a badge with the start date will appear on the card.

The color of the badge has the following meanings:

  • Grey: the card due more than 24 hours in the future

  • Orange: the due date is approaching

  • Red: the card is due

Adding a due date

Only members of the circle are allowed add due dates to the projects and actions of their circle.

You can add dates to the card of a Project or Actions by clicking the Due date button on the right side of the card.

The due date will show up on the project card in your circle project board.

Editing and removing due date

Remove a date by clicking on the date on the card and click the cross icon at the right of the date. You can edit a date by clicking the date on the card, selecting a new date.

Sorting your board by due dates

In your Projects board, sort your projects by due dates so you can easily see the project that are soon due.

  • Click the "..." icon at the top-right of any project column

  • Click on Sort and choose your filter

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