You can set a deadline for when a project or an action card is due to be completed. When a due date is set, a badge with the date appears on the card.

The colour of the badge has the following meaning:

  • Dark grey, the due date is over 24h in the future

  • Orange, the due date is tomorrow

  • Red, the project or action is overdue

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How to add a due date?

How to edit or remove a due date?

How to add a due date?

Only members of the circle are allowed add due dates to the projects and actions of their circle, even without being directly assigned to it.

To add a due date to a project or action:

  • Open the project or action by clicking on it

  • Click on the Due date button

  • Select the desired date in the calendar

The due date will be visible on the project or action card.

How to edit or remove a due date?

Remove a due date by clicking on the date on the card and click the cross icon at the right of the date.

Edit a due date dit a date by clicking the date on the card, selecting a new date in the calendar.

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