We understand that every team is unique and they might work following different processes. That's why every circle has their own project board and can customize it to fit its needs!

Your initial projects board consists of 4 columns (Future, Waiting, Current and Done) to help you visualize the step-by-step process your projects follow from creation to completion.

If this structure does not fit your circle's processes, you can:

👉 Make sure to align with your team before making changes to your circle's project board and agree on the perfect workflow together!

To edit a circle's project board, you need to be a member of said circle.

🧠 Good to know:

  • A circle is currently limited to one project board.

  • There is no personal project board. The view My projects shows the projects that are either assigned to you personally or to one of your roles.

How to customize your board workflow?

You can customize your circles' project board to reflect the working process in place in your teams.

To edit a board:

  • go to the Projects app

  • Select the circle for which you want to edit the board in the drop-down list

Add new columns

To add columns to your board, click on the Add column button and give a title to your new column.

You can add as many column as needed and your team's project board will be updated instantly, changes will apply for all circle members.

Rename existing columns

To rename a column, click on current column title and simply type its new name.

Rearrange column

Simply drag and drop the columns to rearrange your project board.

Delete columns

Click on the three dots in the top right of the column and select Delete column.

📌 Note: Deleting columns is only possible if the Group by filter is set to None. This is to prevent people to delete columns without having the overall view of the circle's project board!

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