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Email Technical Requirements
Email Technical Requirements

Learn how to avoid an email interruption by respecting technical requirements

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Email services

Holaspirit sends emails to users of your platform for the following actions:

  • Invitations to join an organization

  • Changing email notification

  • Roles assignations

  • Reset password request

  • Notifications for asynchronous governance proposals

  • Meeting reports

It’s very important that those emails sent by Holaspirit are not getting blocked by your organization's infrastructure. This page provides details you need about our infrastructure in order to optimize our email deliverability.

Email sender

All emails from our services are sent with the following email address: "[email protected]".

Email servers

The IP address of our email provider is:

To avoid any email interruption, please ensure your organization has our email and IP addresses whitelisted so that our emails are not blocked or flagged as spam/junk (ask your IT director or email administrator for that).

Verifying Email Origin

To prove that emails coming from actually originate from us, holaspirit uses the industry standard technology DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Your administrator can configure the servers to verify the DKIM of our emails and avoid any identity issues or spoofed emails.

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