Email services

We use two services to send emails to users: Sparkpost and Postmark.

Postmark is used to send transactional emails for the following actions:

  • Signing up

  • Invitations to join an organization

  • Changing email notification

  • Lost password request

  • Notifications for asynchronous governance proposals

All other emails, such as meeting reports, are sent through Sparkpost.

Email sender

All our emails come from "[email protected]".

The response email is "[email protected]".

Email servers

The IP addresses of our services are:

To avoid any email interruption, please ensure your organization has our email and IP addresses white listed so that our emails are not blocked or flagged as spam/junk.

Check Origin

Holaspirit uses DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to authenticate our emails.
Your administrator can configure the servers to verify the DKIM of our emails and avoid any identity issues.

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