We call core role each role that is automatically created in all circle of your organization. The difference between Core Roles and Non-core roles is the impact of these roles on the success of the organization's circles.

Core Roles have direct impact on the success of a circle. These roles are essential for a circle to work optimally and are held responsible for the achievement of the circle's purpose. These roles have formal roles to perform in a circle and form the basis of a circle organizational architecture.

Non-core Roles are all the other roles contained in a circle that have direct interest in the circle and its projects. As they are involved in the circle projects, it is required to consider their view in the circle.

Core Roles are present in all circles of your org chart and will be automatically created in the future circles of your organization.

The default core roles in Holaspirit are the role defined by the Holacracy Constitution 5.0 (Circle Lead, Circle Representative, Secretary, Facilitator).

If your organization practice a different methodology or have your own definition of core roles, they can be modified by an administrator for your organization.

Custom Core Roles

There are many different ways of organizing, however it is necessary for your organization to work optimally on Holaspirit to set up core roles and define their responsibilities and authority.


  • Being an administrator

  • You will be able to set only the role templates available in your organization as core roles. Make sure to create role template in a first phase.

If you wish to set up new core roles, go to Administration:

  • Go to Circle settings

  • Under Core Roles, choose the role that will be automatically created in each circle of your organization.

If you add a core role, it will be created in all circles of your organization. Conversely, if you remove a core role, it will be deleted from all circles. Members' assignation to these roles will also be lost.

  • Click on Save at the bottom of the page to validate.

Default Core Roles of Holacracy 5.0

Circle Lead 5.0

Purpose: The Circle Lead holds the Purpose of the overall Circle.

Domains: Role assignments for the Circle's Roles


  • The Circle Lead holds all Accountabilities on the Circle to the extent they are not covered by the Circle's Roles or processes.

Circle Rep 5.0

Purpose: Tension relevant to process in a broader Circle channeled out and resolved.


  • Seeking to understand Tensions conveyed by Role-fillers within the Circle

  • Discerning Tensions appropriate to process within a broader Circle that holds the Circle

  • Processing Tensions within a broader Circle to remove constraints on the Circle

Facilitator 5.0

Purpose: Circle governance and operational practices aligned with the



  • Facilitating the Governance Process and Tactical Meetings of the Circle or for its Roles

  • Coaching other Circle Members on the Constitution's rules and processes, either on request or when needed for effective meetings

  • Auditing the meetings and records of Sub-Circles on request, and declaring a Process Breakdown if one is discovered

Secretary 5.0

Purpose: Steward the Circle’s governance records and stabilize its record-keeping


Domains: All governance records of the Circle


  • Scheduling Governance Meetings and Tactical Meetings of the Circle

  • Capturing and publishing the outputs of Governance Meetings and Tactical Meetings

  • Requesting elections for elected Roles after each term expires

  • Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request

Sources : Holacracy Constitution Beta 5.0

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