Role templates are one of the easiest ways to save time when just designing a new organization on Holaspirit. Quickly add personalized templates to your organization’s chart and speed up your design.

Role templates are available to all users and are managed by administrators.

Role Template Overview

There might be some roles that will be used in multiple teams or that will take over important accountabilities in the circles. Instead of creating these roles manually in your organization, you can create role templates.

You can access all your roles template in the same place in Administration. You will find the list of templates of Holacracy 5.0 roles, feel free to use them, edit them or create your template.

Creating a Role Template

If you wish to set up a new role template, just go to Administration. From Administration menu:

  • Click on Role Templates

  • Click Add a template

  • Enter the Role Name, Purpose, Domains and Accountabilities you need.

Once you do, the role’s permissions switch so you can be sure others won’t edit it without being aware.

Editing a Role Template

If you wish to edit an existing template, click on the 3 dots next to the template in administration:

  • Select Edit template and edit the role information as desired

  • Click Save

Any changes to the template in administration are automatically applied to the roles that are synchronized with the template in the org chart.

Deleting a Role Template

If you wish to delete an existing template, click on the 3 dots next to the template in administration:

  • Select Delete template

  • Click Save

The roles that have been created from this template won't be deleted of your org chart.

Note: You can delete a role template only if they are not set up as a core role in the circle settings. If you wan't to delete them, you first have to remove them as core role.

Importing a role template in your org chart

The next time you need to add a new role, click the Add role button from the Governance page.

  • Select Create a role based on a template

  • Choose the Parent circle in which the role will be created

  • Choose the Role template from the dropdown list

The role is now linked to the original template set up in administration.

If the template is edited, the role will inherit the change. However if the role is edited locally, the synchronization with the role template is broken.

Importing role template in all the circles of your organization at once with Core Roles

If you wish to automate the creation of role templates in all the existing and new circles of your organization, you can set the role template as a core role.

From the administration menu:

  • Go to Circle settings

  • Under Core Roles, choose the role template that will be automatically created in each circle of your organization.

If you add a core role, it will be created in all circles of your organization. Conversely, if you remove a core role, it will be deleted from all circles. Members' assignation to these roles will also be lost.

  • Click on Save at the bottom of the page to validate.

Note: If you remove a core role that is defined as role in charge of assignments or as link between circles of your organization, then you must configure these settings again to be able to save the change.

Exporting members assigned to role templates

  • Go to Roles Templates from the Administration menu

  • Click on the 3 dots at the right of the role

  • Select Export members

The export contains the profile's informations of members assigned to the role.

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