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Master the ins-and-outs of your organization's Admin settings

Manage custom fields for roles and circlesLearn how to add, edit and delete custom fields on roles and circles
Manage custom fields for membersLearn how to add and edit extra custom fields for members of your organisation

Manage API tokens as an AdminLearn how to create an API token
Set up Circle Settings 🎬In this video, learn how to setup your circles settings, composition and ways of working.
Managing Main rolesLearn about main roles
Circle dashboardLearn how to manage circles' settings and exports
Managing Chart settingsLearn how to manage chart views: Holarchy, Network of Teams and Role Relations
Enable and disable Holaspirit apps for your organizationLearn how to turn on and turn off additional applications: Projects, Actions, OKRs, Inbox and Meetings
Role Templates OverviewLearn how to create and use role templates
How to customize my organization's workspace?Learn how to change your organization's colour theme and logo
Statistics on HolaspiritLearn how to export statistics of your organization
Managing Assigned and Elected rolesLearn about role in charge of assignation and elected roles
How to configure circle settings for my organization?Learn about circle settings, core and main roles, links between circles, elected and assigner roles
What are decision settings?Learn about decision settings: free decision mode and consent decision mode
How to create a new organizationLearn how to create a new organization
How to make my Holaspirit organization public?Learn how to make your organization public
How to set up consent decision-making for my organization?Learn about consent decision-making mode
How to delete my organization?
How to change the owner of my organization?
How to change the name of my organization?Learn how to change your organization's name