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Enable and disable Holaspirit apps for your organization
Enable and disable Holaspirit apps for your organization

Learn how to turn on and turn off additional applications: Projects, Actions, OKRs, Inbox and Meetings

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To tailor your organization's workspace to its needs, you can control what apps are available to all members, simply by turning them on or off.

You can decide to individually enable or disable the following apps: Actions, Projects, OKRs, Meetings or Inbox.

When users sign in to the organization, they only see and have access to the apps that have been enabled in the Administration settings.

Enable and disable Holaspirit apps

👤 Only Administrators can enable and disable Holaspirit apps.

To access the Holaspirit apps settings:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Scroll down to the Apps section

  • Click on the app of your choice

  • Click on the Enable/Disable toggle

📌 Note: The app is enabled if the toggle is blue, and disabled when the toggle is grey.

What happens if I turn an app off?

  • Holaspirit will only hide the current existing items of the app in the organization. Its content will not be deleted and will be restored when you reactivate the app.

  • The app disappears from the blue navigation bar and members won't be able to see nor access it.

  • The meeting templates enabled for your organization won't show the steps dedicated to apps that have been disabled, they are automatically in sync and updated with settings.

🪄 Tip : If you turn off apps, consider communicating your organization's policy to users.

Which apps should my organization use?

"One size does not fit all."

While Holaspirit supports many use cases, it doesn't force you into a specific dogma and can be tailored to your organization's needs. You may want to disable Holaspirit apps if:

  • You're using another tool for project, actions and goals tracking and management.

  • You want to facilitate adoption by giving access only to the apps users will need.

  • You want to start simple and describe the roles and who is responsible for what before diving into the other aspects of the platform.

Keep things simple and only enable the apps your organization currently needs!

How do I know if members are using the apps?

From the Stats tab, you can follow the usage of each app by the members in your organization over the last 12 months. This data gives you an overview of the number of items created (actions, projects, OKRs and meetings) as well as the usage of each app independently.

If you notice an app is not used by the members of your organization, you can always disable it to clear up your workspace!

What can I do with the apps?

Projects allows you to:

  • Create a custom project board for each team of organisation

  • Visualize all ongoing projects in your organization as well as the roles and members connected to a project

  • Archive projects or revive them at any time

  • Define a due date, assign people, add checklist of tasks, tags, documents and much more.

With Actions you can:

  • Keep track of every task that is assigned to you or your roles

  • Integrate with external tools

  • Visualize all ongoing and completed actions in your organization

🪄 Tip : Projects & Actions work best together. You will be able to assign individuals to collective projects and add due dates to specific actions.

  • Define strategic objectives for roles and circles

  • Track progress as a percentage

  • Define OKR timeframes

  • See goal progress across the whole organisation in a hierarchy of OKRs

  • Compatible with OKR goal framework

Meetings make possible to:

  • Create productive meeting structure with meeting templates

  • Plan, organize team meetings

  • Collaborative agenda

  • Assign and track deliverables and decisions

  • Automatically get a meeting report that captures decisions and next actions

Inbox allows you to:

  • Capture and work on your tensions, ideas and suggestions in one place

  • Process your tensions into actions, projects, OKRs or governance proposals

  • Bring your tensions to meetings

  • See the tensions that have been processed in your tensions history

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