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December 2021 Product Updates
December 2021 Product Updates

Learn about Product Updates: Inbox, Proposals, Slack and much more

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Read our feature digest below and discover the new features and enhancement we've added this month.

A new way to review, track and manage asynchronous proposals

The struggle to make quick decisions and overcome tensions is real, we noticed how difficult it could be to keep track of your proposals and those of your circles. That's why we decided to dedicate a whole module to Proposals. Read more.

What changes?

  • All edits on the governance will end up as an asynchronous proposals. Users will be able to submit it to others when the proposal is ready to be reviewed.

  • Once a proposal is submitted, any users can quickly review it from the "submitted proposals" tab. Users are able to comment and vote on the proposals. The owner of the proposal can keep track of the validation process.

  • Ongoing proposals will now show up on the circle and role page. With a simple click, users will be able access the full proposal.

Tensions become more powerful 💪

We've reviewed the UX of the Tensions module that is now called Inbox.
We've added major improvement to help you turn your tension into next actions.
When capturing a tension, users can now turn a tension into a Project, Action or OKR or simply bring it to the next circle meeting. Read more.

The mobile application was updated accordingly.

Improved text editing features

We've replaced our Rich Text Editor with an updated and more user-friendly version. Holaspirit is now equipped with all the text styling features you've come to expect from any text editor. To help you navigate the new editor, check out our summary. It's available on Project, Action, OKR, Tension and will be rolled-out on the other fields shortly.

Slack integration just got better!

If you use Slack, you can connect a Slack channel to a Holaspirit circle.

  • Once the Slack is connected to a circle, you can now publish asynchronous proposals in just a few clicks. Users will be able to review and vote on the proposal directly in Slack!

If you were working with the integration prior the update, make sure to re-activate the integration to access these new features (here's how).

Delete a role does not ends up in lost content

Upon deleting a role, you will be able to reassign Projects, Actions, OKRs, Documents and Publications to another role or circle.

Note that the Metrics, Checklists and Policies will be deleting with the role/circle and that this action cannot be restored.

Anonymizing users

Anonymization helps you stay compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the “right to be forgotten,” and is most often needed when somebody is leaving your organization and requests to have their personal data erased.

Holaspirit will automatically anonymize users that have been deleted, their username will be replaced by Anonymized user in all the object, content they were related to.

User management improvements

Upon creating a new member, you will be able to quickly assign him/her to a circle.
You can then assign them to roles inside that circle from the circle page itself.

Email invite can be send upon one click!

Sort Actions by due date

The Action module got a make over to help you organize, track and complete your task in time. You can now sort actions by due date.

Edit meeting recurrences all at once

You can now change the meeting details and recurrences at once.

Enable Inactive users to access Time Spent in Roles

If your organization works with the Time Spent in Roles app, you can allow inactive users to enter the % of time they allocate to the roles they are assigned to. As a result, you get a reliable information about the Full Time Equivalent on each roles of your organization.

Others changes and improvements

  • We've simplified users rights on documents. Any member of a circle can now upload files to their roles and circles.

  • Security improvement - If you wish to prevent users from uploading files to Holaspirit from their own computer, you can now enable that option in administration.

  • New fields taken into account in the role relations chart - ou can link roles upon using the mention in the role's purpose, domains, accountabilities and custom fields. Read more.

  • New shortcut to access the Project board

  • We've improved the header of the Member module

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