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How to format your text in Holaspirit
How to format your text in Holaspirit

Learn about how to format and edit text

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Holaspirit includes Rich Text Editor options to add formatting to text. It allows you to easily add bold, italics, links, lists, paragraphs, headers, and code blocks to blocks of texts. You can add formatting options in all the text fields including the description, comments, meeting steps and your bio. 

Formatting options

Double-click on text to show formatting options:

  • B: bold text

  • S: line across text

  • I: italic text

  • U: underlined text

  • Link: create a link and then add the URL

  • 🖊️: highlighted text

  • </>: code

Convert your text to different format:

  • Headers: titles (H1, H2, H3)

  • Bulleted, Numbered and Task list: preface of lines and select list to create a list

  • Block Quotes: click “❝” for the text that you’d like to indent or quote

  • Table: add tables to your text

  • Horizontal line: include ---- after any text

  • Image: spice up your text with images

📌 Note: Rich Text Editor does not work in role/circle titles, or card titles.

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