How to use Publications' editor tool?

Learn about Publications' editor tool

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The Publications app allows you to draft and publish rich content for your organization. And we know that, to write content that's engaging and rich, a complete editor tool is a must. Here's how the Holaspirit editor can help ! 

How to use the Editor?

Use the "+" button at the start of the line to add:

  • Headings

  • Lists (bullet point, ordered and task list)

  • Coloured callouts

  • Tables

  • Separators

  • Images

By highlighting content, you can also condition it:

  • Make it bold or italic (or both)

  • Strike or underline it

  • Put it in a coloured callout

  • Turn it into a list: bullet point, ordered and task list

  • Turn into code

And that's not all!

  • Use the ":" shortcut to add emojis

  • Type "#" and the name of an existing publication to mention it

  • Write "@" and the name of a member, role or circle to mention it (they won't be notified)

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