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How does Holaspirit's Freemium plan work?
How does Holaspirit's Freemium plan work?

Learn about the free Hoalspirit plan: Freemium

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The Freemium plan allows you to take the first steps on Holaspirit.

This plan currently offers free access to some of Holaspirit's features and is limited to 3 users. It allows you to test out Holaspirit before taking the leap and upgrade to the paying plan most suited to your organization.

What I can do with Freemium?

👉 The Freemium plan allows 3 users.

  • Visualise teams and roles in a dynamic chart

  • Share your dynamic chart with external members through a public URL

  • Access the member's directory

  • Organize and share publications and policies across your organization

  • Use consent-based decision-making to make quick and safe enough decisions

  • Integrate Holaspirit with Slack and Microsoft Teams

  • Capture tensions in your personal space

Take a look at the detailed comparison table with other plan for more information.

How to trial more features?

This free version being limited, you might want to try out more features before taking the leap and upgrade to one of our paid plan.

We give every organization the opportunity to trial the features included in our paid plans for 14 days and without needing any payment information!

You can try every app at your own pace!

Start your 14-days trial for each app independently to really take the time to discover every feature it offers.

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