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How does Holaspirit's Rise plan work?
How does Holaspirit's Rise plan work?

Learn about Rise plan

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The Rise plan allows you to activate the apps of your choice. This solution addresses organizations of more than 20 people, and up to 100 people, who'd like to deploy Holaspirit and self-management more widely with flexibility.

This plan works on two levels, which contain the following features (among others) allowing you to:

  • Map roles and accountabilities

  • Engage teams in decisions

  • Add apps of your choice

The Rise plan also allows you to create up to 100 free guest users!

What can I do with Rise?

👉 The Rise plan allows 20 to 100 users + up to 100 free guest users.

Pick the features "à la carte" according to your needs!

Core features

Map roles and accountabilities (unlimited)

  • Visualize teams and roles in a dynamic chart

  • Tag hiring roles

  • Organize and share publications and policies across the organization

Engage teams in decision (unlimited)

  • Keep track of important talking points in the organization

  • Use consent-based decision making to make quick and safe enough decisions

  • Organize and hold efficient meetings

  • Collaborate on meeting's agenda

  • Prepare tensions to be discussed ahead of meetings

Apps of your choice

➕ Manage the work (unlimited upon activation of the app)

  • Plan, manage and collaborate on projects in a Kanban

  • Track, manage and complete actions

➕ Align teams and drive results

  • Boost transparency on objectives

  • Deliver measurable results

With Rise you pay for what you need and use.

📌 Note: This is not an exhaustive list of features. Take a look at our comparison table with other plans for more information.


We calculate the price based on the number of licences.

Licences give team members access to Holaspirit. You have a maximum of 100 licences with Rise.

Each team member who needs to have access to Holaspirit and work in the tool must have a licence. Rise includes up to 100 guest users who can view the organization.


With Rise, 3 add-ons are available on top of your plan:

Drive adoption of Holacracy and pilot the implementation of the Constitution inside your organization:

  • Avoid customisation of some settings to ensure a safe and consistent practice

  • Include Holacracy tips and definition

  • Subscribe team members to Holacracy Onboarding newsletter

Provide automatic translation of roles' content. Ideal for multilingual organizations.

  • Translate roles and circles purpose, domains, accountabilities and custom fields into more than 50 languages.

  • Teammates can choose their favorite translation language.

Evaluate how efforts and time are assigned among roles and teams.

  • Teammate can add the % of time they spend in each one of their roles

  • Get insights of the total full time equivalent assigned to a team or a role

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