Holaspirit helps organizations structure, operate, and work day-to-day with more efficiency, transparency, and clarity. 

What can Holaspirit do?

Holaspirit can do a great many things. However your organization works, we strive to make it a little bit easier.

  • Role clarity: Through explicit roles and accountabilities, every member of your organization can have clear expectations so they know who is responsible for what and how much authority they have.
  • Organizational structuring: Whether you want to add some clarity to your standard hierarchy, you want a completely flat organization, or you use something in-between, Holaspirit enables you to structure your organization however you wish.
  • Project management: Through built-in functions like actions, projects, Kanban boards, and even OKR's, tracking and management the progress of your teams' projects has never been easier. Already using a project management software? Holaspirit easily integrates with apps such as Trello, Asana, and Jira.
  • Efficient meetings: Holaspirit has different meeting functions built in, allowing you to open, schedule, and facilitate meetings quickly and easily.
  • Problem solving: Through capturing individual tensions, personal reminders, and ability to propose changes in or out of meetings, members of the organization can reliably make rapid iterations to solve problems and innovate more quickly.
  • Effective Holacracy practice: Easily activate the Holacracy app, which causes Holaspirit to function according to the rules of the Holacracy Constitution. Lessons to improve your Holacracy practice can also be provided to members via regular emails. 
  • Everything in one place: Holaspirit has many features built in by default and has many popular apps available to integrate with the push of a button. Additionally, the open API means all your favorite apps can easily be integrated.

Who is Holaspirit for?

While Holaspirit can be used by anyone, it provides the most value to organizations who:

  • Are looking to operate in "new ways of working". Clarity, transparency, efficiency, and autonomy are all pieces that help improve self-organization, self-management, agile, employee experience, purpose-driven work, and more.
  • Practice Holacracy, Sociocracy, or similar methods. Holaspirit's default framework will be familiar to those who operate under these systems, which makes for an easy transition from your old platform to Holaspirit.
  • Want a fully customizable organizational structure. Whether a hierarchy or a completely flat structure, with teams headed by Managers, Lead Links, or Servant Leaders, every bit of how you structure and operate can be customized to fit your organization's unique needs.
  • Have a remote/global workforce. Holaspirit is available via most browsers or mobile apps and in many languages. Additionally, it can integrate with communication software like Basecamp, Slack, or Talkspirit with a single click. This makes it a great platform for teams scattered around the world.

What makes Holaspirit different?

Holaspirit is fully customizable. Whether you use it to practice Holacracy by-the-book, experiment with Sociocracy modules, create your own unique structure, or even just operate in a traditional way, Holaspirit allows you to structure your organization exactly how you want it. No restrictions, no limitations. No single structure or method works perfectly for everyone, so you should be able to do what's best for you and your organization without your software making that decision for you.

Still curious if it's right for you?

Contact any one of our certified partners to see how Holaspirit can best help you and your organization.

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