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How does Holaspirit's Scale plan work?
How does Holaspirit's Scale plan work?

Learn about the Scale plan

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The Scale plan is designed for large organizations of more than 100 people, and up to 300 people, wishing to enable self-management more widely with flexibility with Holaspirit.

This plan works on two levels, which contain the following features (among others) allowing you to:

  • Map roles and accountabilities

  • Engage teams in decisions

  • Add apps of your choice

  • Work with statistics

The Scale plan also allows you to create up to 300 free guest users!

What can I do with Scale?

👉 The Scale plan allows 100 to 300 users + up to 300 free guest users.

Pick the features "à la carte" according to your needs!

Core features

Map roles and accountabilities (unlimited)

  • Visualize teams and roles in a dynamic chart

  • Tag hiring roles

  • Organize and share publications and policies across the organization

Engage teams in decision (unlimited)

  • Keep track of important talking points in the organization

  • Use consent-based decision making to make quick and safe enough decisions

  • Organize and hold efficient meeting

  • Collaborate on meeting's agenda

  • Prepare tensions to be discussed ahead of meetings

Apps of your choice

➕ Manage the work (unlimited upon activation of the app)

  • Plan, manage and collaborate on projects in a Kanban

  • Track, manage and complete actions

➕ Align teams and drive results

  • Boost transparency on objectives

  • Deliver measurable results

Customise access tailored to your needs

  • Set up authentication tailored to your organization (SAML/SSO)

  • Use API Access to facilitate linking to Holaspirit

  • Work with Holaspirit's statistics

📌 Note: This is not an exhaustive list of features. Take a look at our comparison table with other plans for more information.


We calculate price based on the number of licences.

Licences give team members access to Holaspirit. You have a maximum of 300 licences with Scale.

Each team member who needs to have access to Holaspirit and work in the tool must have a licence. Scale also includes up to 300 guest users who can view the organization.


With Scale, 3 add-ons are available on top of your plan:

Drive adoption of Holacracy and pilot the implementation of the Constitution inside your organization:

  • Avoid customisation of some settings to ensure a safe and consistent practice

  • Include Holacracy tips and definition

  • Subscribe team members to Holacracy Onboarding newsletter

Provide automatic translation of roles' content. Ideal for multi lingual organization.

  • Translate roles and circles purpose, domains, accountabilities and custom fields into more than 50 languages.

  • Teammates can choose their favorite translation language.

Evaluate how efforts and time are assigned among roles and teams.

  • Teammate can add the % of time they spend in each one of their roles

  • Get insights of the total full time equivalent assigned to a team or a role

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