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Learn how to start with Holaspirit as a Member

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🎉 Welcome to Holaspirit!

We want you to get settled on Holaspirit as quickly and easily possible, so we made sure that all the important information that you need to take your first steps on the platform can be found in this article.

What's on Holaspirit?

To help with your day-to-day work, collaboration and transparency, Holaspirit give you access to tools that are easy to use.

Take a look at the different modules available on your platform:

  • Governance: Easily navigate your organization and access your roles and circles.

⭐ Pro-tip: Use the Search in the blue navigation bar to quickly find what you're looking for!

  • Proposals: Save, review and submit the proposals to your team to adapt the structure and roles of your organization. This interface allows any users to look proposals up and participate in the decision-making process of their circle.

  • Projects: Organize and keep track of your projects.

  • Inbox: This is your personal space to capture items so you can get them out of your head quickly, then come back and process it individually or with your team.

  • Meetings Get together in real time with your circle's teammates.

  • Members: Navigate your company's directory and check the roles, projects... your teammates are working on.

  • Profile: Manage your account settings and notification preferences.

Access and authentication

First, log in to Holaspirit:

Complete your profile

Other members of your organization can see your profile the same way you can see theirs. Add information about yourself to help communicate who you are and what you do with your team!

  • Click on your profile icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on My Account

  • You can add and update your profile information (profile picture, name, phone number, location, skills, biography and more)

Choose your platform language

To configure the language of your platform:

  • Click on your profile icon and select My Account

  • Go to Settings

  • Select the desired language from the Platform Language drop-down list

  • Click on Save to confirm

Manage your notification preferences

As a member of a circle, you will receive emails notifying you of different events and activities happening in your circle:

  • Meeting outputs

  • Publications & Strategy

  • Scheduled meetings

  • Approaching meetings

To define your preferences:

  • Click on your profile icon and select My account

  • Go to Notifications

  • Choose the circle you want to configure in the drop-down list

  • Tick or untick the box next to the events you want to receive notifications for or not

Get to know your roles

As a member of the organization, you have been assigned to one or several roles on Holaspirit. With roles, your work is not organized with a traditional job description but with explicit purpose and clear accountabilities.

What's the point of a role?

  • It describes the work expected of its members

  • It defines the boundaries, authorities and areas of initiative of each.

  • It puts clarity on “who does what” and “who decides what”.

  • It brings flexibility, by allowing easy iterations in accordance with the organization context.

To see your roles, go to the Governance module and click on the Roles section. From there, you'll access two views:

  • My Roles gathers all your roles and helps you identify your scope in the organization.

  • All the Roles gives you an overview of the roles of your organization so you can easily identify what other people of your organization are working on.

Update your role

A role is made of 8 sections that each help share information about the role itself and keep track of its activities.

The Overview is composed of the Purpose (all the activities that the role can do), one or multiple Domains ( the activities that the other roles can't do without the role prior approval), one or multiple Accountabilities (describe all the activities that the role must do) and Policies.

  1. Your roles are likely to evolve with the context and needs of your organization. It is up to you to edit your roles on the platform to be as close as possible to the reality of your work! You can edit a role via the “Edit Role” button on the Role page or in a Governance Meeting.

  2. The Documents section lists the documents that the role uses. Here you can add publications or attachments relevant to improve the comprehension of your roles or describe specific processes.

  3. Activities lists all changes and updates made to the role and its activities (by whom, what, and when).

  4. The Metrics monitor the performance of the role's activities. You can define the metrics of your choice and choose their frequency. It should be relevant to measure the accomplishments of objectives.

  5. Checklists are lists of recurrent things to do. They serve as a reminder and allow you not to forget anything in the follow-up of a process.

  6. You can organize your Projects in a Kanban dashboard to track your projects' progress and share progress with your team.

  7. To better organize your Tasks with your roles and get reminders of what to do, you can add Actions.

👉 Metrics, Checklists, Projects and Actions can be reviewed with your circle's members during Tactical Meetings.

See our Quick PDF Start Guide for more details:

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