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1. Get oriented in Holaspirit

  • Governance: Navigate your organization's chart, your roles and circles with just a simple click. Search and sort your org chart through your org chart setting in the top right corner of your screen.

  • Project dashboard: Organize and keep track of your project in a Kanban Dashboard.

  • Actions: Manage all your role activities with a simple task management system.

  • Objectives and Key Results: Get aligned with circle’s priorities using OKRs linked with roles and projects.

  • Real-time meetings Get together with your circle's teammates.

  • Tensions and proposals Manage an ongoing list of proposals. Submit it to your circle teammates or import them with one click to the agenda for your regular meetings.

  • Members: Get access to your organization's directory.

  • Profile: Manage your account settings and notification preferences.

2. Access and authentification

To log in, enter your credentials in :


3. Complete your profile information

  • Click on your profile icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on My Account

  • You can add and update your profile information: Name, Phone, Locations, Skils, Biography...)

A well informed profile will help you better communicate who you are and what you do with your team.

4. Choose your platform language

You can change your platform language in Language from My account settings.

5. Manage notifications preferences

You will receive email notifications for the circles you belong to in Holaspirit and ofr the following events:

  • Governance outputs

  • Tactical outputs

  • New Publication & Strategy

  • Scheduled meetings

  • Approaching meetings

You can activate, set up and deactivate some of those notifications by going to the Notifications section in My Account. You can disable the notifications that are useless to you so you can easily get the information that is important to you.

6. Get to know your roles

You have been assigned to one or more roles in Holaspirit. Your work is not organized with traditional job description but with role(s) with explicit purpose and clear accountabilities.

  • The role describes the work expected of each other.

  • It defines the boundaries, authorities and areas of initiative of each.

  • It puts clarity on “who does what” and “who decides what”.

  • It brings flexibility, by allowing easy iterations in accordance with the organization context.

To see your roles, click on Governance, Roles.

  • My Roles gathers all your roles and helps you identify your scope in the organisation.

  • All the Roles gives you an overview of the roles of your organization so you can easily identify what other people of your organization are working on.

Quick tip: You can search information from the Search icon at the top of the left hand navigation menu.

7. Update a role

A Role contains 9 sections in Holaspirit. They help you share information about your roles and keep track of your activities.

  1. Your roles are likely to evolve with the context and needs of your organization. It is up to you to edit your roles on the platform to be as close as possible to the reality of your work! You can edit a role via the "Edit Role" button on the Role page or in a Governance Meeting.

  2. You can attach Documents and Publications to your roles to easily find them and share them with circle's members.

  3. You can add performance Metrics that you track within your roles.

  4. Add Checklists of things to do for your roles to make sure you will never forget something.

  5. You can organize your Projects in a Kanban dashboard to track your projects' progress and better collaborate with other circle member.

  6. To better organize your Tasks with your roles and get reminders of what to do, you can add Actions.

    👉 Metrics, Checklists, Projects and Actions can be reviewed with your circle's members during Tactical Meetings.

  7. If you're working with OKRs (Objective and Key Results) in your organization, you can add and track your OKRs to help you prioritize your projects.

See our Quick PDF Start Guide for more details:

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