As a member of a role-based organization, you have probably been assigned to one role or multiple roles. Think of the role description as your guide or map to know the direction that you will be taking in each of your roles.

Discover your roles

In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the Governance icon, then:

  • Go to the Roles page

  • Click on the My Roles section

You get an overview of the roles you currently hold. Each will show the name of the role, what circle the role is in, the role's purpose and the members assigned to it.

  • Click on the role to access all the information relating to it such as its purpose, accountabilities, domains, policies and members.

  • Access the role's documents, activity log, metrics, checklists, projects, actions and OKRs by clicking on the dedicated tabs

From the role page, you can also visualize if any roles are currently hiring or if there's an ongoing proposition that requires your vote.

Access the roles in your organization

You can easily get access to all the roles within your organization.

  • In the Governance app, the Chart page allows you to view your company structure through a chart, and how various teams work with each other.

  • The All roles section of the Roles page helps you get acquainted with the other roles in your organization and identify who does what.

You don't have any role?

  • Check on the Vacant and Hiring Roles section if you wish to apply to a role.

  • If you know there is a role in charge of assigning people in your organization, you can ask them to assign you to roles. Usually, if your organization applies Holacracy, it's the Circle Lead.

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