The roles and circles of your organization are the basis of your structure.

In self-organization, the company is organized into roles and circles:

  • A role means your job or position. The major difference is that you may have multiple roles rather than having only a single position in traditional organizations.
  • A circle represents your team. A circle brings together different roles assigned to people. A circle can contain sub-circles which can themselves contain sub-circles... A circle is effectively the same as a role, just expanded into more parts.

There are several ways to add a role or a circle on Holaspirit:

  1. Add a role or circle from the Governance page
  2. During a meeting
  3. Via a development proposal

Add a role or a circle from the Governance Page


  • You must be a member of a circle to add a role
  • You can be a member without a role in a circle

Go to the Governance page:

  • Click on the Role section or on the Circle section
  • Click on Add role or Add a circle
  • Select the Parent circle in which the Role or the circle will be created
  • Add the Name, Purpose, and the Domains and Accountabilities as well
  • If your organization is in Open Mode click on Validate. The change is applied automatically. If your organization is in Consent Decision Mode click on Submit, circle members will receive a notification to vote on your change. If there is no objection within the period of consultation, your evolution proposal will be automatically accepted.

Add a role or a circle during a meeting


  • The meeting template must have the Agenda step and the Governance Results activated. For Holacracy practitioners, a governance meeting is a right place to address these topics.
  • You need to be the secretary of the meeting to capture the results of the meeting

When you want to add a role or a circle, you can discuss it in a meeting.

  • Open a meeting for the circle in which you want to create a circle or a role
  • In the meeting, in the Agenda step, import a tension or add an agenda item
  • The secretary of the meeting can select the item and click on Add meeting results.

  • Select Role/Circle
  • Click on New Role
  • Fill the form with the Name, Purpose, Domains, and Accountabilities

Note: You can change the role in a circle by clicking on Extend to circle

  • Click on Save, and, Validate. The role or the circles has been created and already appear in your organization.

3. By submitting a governance proposal

  • Go to the Tensions page, click on Add tension
  • Add a Title, the Circle (which must be a higher level), and why not a Description
  • Click on Add Evolution and select Role/Circle
  • Click on Create
  • Click on Save
  • Depending on the decision mode in place in your organization, you can click on Validate to apply the change directly, if it is in Open Mode, or you can click on Submit to send the proposal to other members of the circle in Consent Mode

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