How to duplicate a circle?

Learn how to copy and duplicate a circle

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To help you save time building your organization, and because sometimes teams are based on the same structure, Holaspirit allows you to create a circle by copying it from an existing one.

What information is duplicated?

Duplicating a circle copies the name of the circle, subcircles and the roles (including role templates) within it. You can choose the roles and subcircles you want included in your new circle and modify its name when creating it.

The Purpose, Accountabilities, Domains and Custom fields will be added to the new circle by default. If you wish to edit them, you'll have to do it after the circle has been created, through a governance proposal.

The operational items (Checklist, Metrics, Projects, Actions, Documents and OKRs) will not be duplicated in the new circle.

📌 Note: If Core roles are in place in your organization, they will automatically be added to the new circle.

How to create a copy of an existing circle?

To duplicate a circle:

  • Go to the circle page that will contain the new circle

  • Click on the Add button and select Add circle

  • Click on Copy from an existing circle

  • Choose the circle to copy from the drop-down list (if you cannot find it right away, type its name)

  • Rename it if necessary

  • Tick the boxes next to subcircles and roles you want to copy within that circle

  • Depending on the decision-making settings defined for your organization, either Save it as a proposal, Submit the proposal to your circle or Validate this evolution.

Now the new circle is created, its members can be assigned!

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