How do you decide on changes in your organization?

During meetings or by a proposal outside a meeting, using the consent decision process (Holacracy, Sociocracy or S3.0)?

Holaspirit gives the possibility to choose between two decision-making modes that allow you to make better decisions while ensuring greater transparency.

What are governance decisions?

To act on the governance of your organization, you have different possibilities:

  1. By the Roles

    • by adding/editing/deleting a role

    • by extending a role to a circle

  2. By the Circles

    • by adding/editing/deleting a role

    • by reducing a circle to a role

    • by restructuring a circle

  3. By the Policies

    • by adding/editing/deleting a policy

  4. By an Election

Decision-making process on Holaspirit

As an administrator, you can configure some parameters of the decision-making process and choose between the open mode and the consent mode.

Open mode

The open mode is particularly recommended when you start with Holaspirit. The open mode allows you to make changes without prior validation. All changes will be validated automatically.

All core-circle members can modify the roles and the different elements they contain.

To ensure greater transparency of decisions: all changes are visible in the role and circle "activities" section. All members of the organization can easily access the latest developments to understand who did what.

Consent mode

Consent mode is a decision mode in which proposals are validated when no members have expressed objections. It is different from consensus in which members have to get unanimity before applying the evolution.

There are exceptions allowing a user to change the governance without prior validation:

  • when core member of a role decides to transform the role into a circle

  • when a member proposes an evolution that does not modify the content of the role (change position of a domain or accountability)

This mode is intended primarily for Holacracy practitioners, as it respects the standard process of a proposal followed by the option for circle members to object. However, it also works in many organizational systems (Sociocracy 3.0, Agile) where a team is expected to all have a say prior to a change being adopted.

It allows each member of a circle to submit proposal outside a meeting, to transform their tensions into better decisions, and to encourage collective intelligence.

Changing your governance settings

Prerequisite: Only an administrator can change the governance settings.

  • Click on your profile icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on Administration

  • Click on Circle settings

  • Scroll down to Governance settings

  • Select the governance mode that you wish between open and consent decision mode and choose the parameters (process delay, feedback request in case of objection).

  • Click on Save

Note: If a circle has personnalized its settings, changes made in administration will not apply to that circle.

Quick tip ⭐️: If you have different operating modes in your organization, you can customize the governance modes at the circle level.

Each circle can modify its settings independently of the settings defined for the whole organization. You can decide to work with a different consent decision time than the one configured in Administration or even use an open mode decision progress.

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